Student Life. Accommodation.

UNFU has its own dormitories with a total area of 23324.7 m2. Students from other localities currently have the option of living in four dormitories. Living space per student is 6 m2.

There are student dormitories in the university that are suitable for foreigners and stateless persons with conditions for their safe living. Rooms have bed linen, towels, small refrigerator, plates, cups, cutlery. There is a shared kitchen on the floor (with pan, frying pan, etc.). Also, it is possible to do laundry in the dormitory.

The accommodation of foreigners and stateless persons is a responsibility of the university's administrative staff with the help of workers of the International Office.

There is also a canteen at Gen. Chuprynky St., 105a (area – 3226.9 m2). In the canteen, you can pay in cash and via credit card.

UNFU has its own modern developed sports centers: two gyms with a total area of 1147.4 m2, a stadium with a total area of 4280 m2, sports grounds with a total area of 4253 m2. This provides the physical education and leisure needs for students and staff.

Medical service for students and staff is provided by a medical center (area - 51,0 m2), situated in the dormitory№4.

UNFU has a student club with a total area of 75.2 m2, where there are rehearsals of the student theater of pop miniatures “Adrenaline”, folk ensemble of dance “Polonyna” and student choir “Dibrova”.

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