Admission and Degree Programs

Language requirements:

Please note that the language of instruction at the University is Ukrainian All Bachelor, Master and PhD programs are in Ukrainian.

Preparatory Course  

If you are interested to study at UNFU, but do not speak Ukrainian, you can be enrolled after finishing preparatory course for studying Ukrainian. Please fill out the application form and we will contact you.

Bachelor and Master Degree programs

Admission and Degree Programs* Bachelor and Master Degree programs available for admission of international students

Code of field of education

Field of education

Code of specialty



Bachelor programs

Master programs

02 Culture and Art Design 022 Design Industrial Design Design
05 Social and behavioral science 051 Economics Enterprise Economics Enterprise Economics
Environmental and Nature Resources Economics Environmental and Nature Resources Economics
International Economics International Economics
07 Management and administration 073 Management Organisations Management and Administering Organisations Management and Administering
International Business Management International Business Management
12 Information Technology 122 Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science
18 Production and technology 187 Woodworking and Furniture Technologies Wood and Furniture Technology Woodworking technologies
Computerized design and production technologies
Innovative startups of woodworking and furniture industries Technologies of wood products 
20 Agricultural science and food 205 Forestry Hunting Hunting
Forestry Forestry
Forestry Engineering Forestry Engineering

* Ukrainian national classification of fields of study

PhD programs

  • 051 - Economics
  • 122 - Computer Science
  • 133 - Industry engineering
  • 151 - Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies
  • 161 - Chemical Technology and Engineering
  • 187 - Wood and Furniture Technology
  • 205 - Forestry
  • 206 - Park and Garden Management


Ukrainian National Forestry University provides accommodation at dormitory 10, Pryrodna St., 79057 Lviv Ukraine. There are two/three bed rooms with bathroom. The kitchen is shared by students living on the floor.


Meals for students are served in the student´s canteen. Cash payment only. Catering services are provided: Monday – Fridays: 9.00-16.00 am.

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