220px The Baltic University Programme logoThe Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES) at Uppsala University announces the call for applications for the IRES Visiting Researcher Program 2019. The program offers a one-month research fellowship at IRES, including travel, accommodation and a stipend of 20 000 SEK. Full access to IRES premises and Uppsala University library resources is provided throughout the research period. The current round of applications offers six individual fellowships. The research visit of one month must be between March to mid June or mid August to December 2019.

IRES is a center of excellence on the post-Soviet sphere at Uppsala University. The Institute conducts world-leading research in an open and dynamic environment that is truly cross-disciplinary and international. Among the academic staff are scholars in fields such as, but not limited to, political science, economics, law, history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and geology. Each academic year, IRES hosts some 20 international scholars from around the world, but mainly Europe, Russia and Eurasia, the US, and Canada.

 IRES encourages applications from highly qualified and motivated researchers at both junior and senior levels. Applicants are required to hold a PhD degree or the equivalent. The applicant’s research focus must relate to the ongoing research conducted at IRES. In processing the applications, the Selection Committee will consider the applicant’s academic background, scholarly achievements and publication record, as well as the quality and relevance of his/her research proposal to the IRES research environment.

For more information about ongoing research please visit the IRES Institutet för Rysslands- och Eurasienstudier (IRES) Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES)

Box 514 SE-75120 Uppsala Besöksadress/Visiting address: Gamla torget 3, 3rd Floor 751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Telefon/Phone: +46 (0) 18 471 00 00

Telefax/Fax: +46 (0) 18-10 63 97

Website: http://www.ires.uu.se/

Email: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.  

For additional information on IRES and Uppsala University, please visit: http://www.ires.uu.se/



For questions about IRES and Uppsala University, please contact Information Officer Jevgenija Gehsbarga (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. )


IRES Director Claes Levinsson (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.  ).

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Summer Camp “Liveable places and spaces of tomorrow”, Poznan, Poland, 26th -29th of August 2019

What do you want the Baltic Sea Region to be in 2050? How will we live, work, travel, commute and lead our lives in the future?

We are looking for young planners’ ideas on how to address future challenges of the Baltic Sea Region by the spatial planning tools and processes.

VASAB has initiated the Young Planners’ Contest “Liveable Places and Spaces of Tomorrow” to bring together young professionals and give them a chance to create a network of next generation planners and provide them with a chance to express their expectations and perspective of the future of the Baltic Sea Area.

Therefore, young professionals and students are invited to apply for the contest and join the 4-day International Summer Camp in Poznan, Poland, the 26th to the 29th of August 2019. The Summer Camp will take place at the Adam Mickiewicz University – Collegium Geographicum, Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management.

During the International Summer Camp multinational and cross-sectoral teams will be formed to prepare propositions on development of Liveable Places and Spaces of Tomorrow. Teams will be provided with inspiring introductory workshops and mentors will be available through the whole Summer Camp. Best team(s) will be rewarded and invited to present their work to the high-level VASAB Ministerial Meeting.

More information how to apply:


Applications will be accepted till 17th January 2019. 


25th to 28th of April 2019
Aegviidu, Estonia

Deadline for applications: 3rd March 2019.
Please see the online Application Form

Organized by the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and Euroakadeemia.

The Baltic University Programme and Euroakadeemia, can proudly present the BUP’s annual student conference 2019, on the topic of sustainable consumption and circular economy in the Baltic Sea region. A conference for students studying at undergraduate and graduate level in the Baltic Sea region.


How do we reach a sustainable consumption that stays within the ecological boundaries of our planet? Is turning our linear system thinking into a circular one going to solve the problems?

During a four days conference in the rural town of Aegviidu in northern Estonian, the BUP will host an international student conference, with expert speakers from both academia and society. The conference will deepen the participants’ knowledge in what is required to reach the sustainable development goal number 12 (Sustainable production and consumption), by approaching the problem from a circular economic approach. We will learn and discuss the possibilities to close material loops with the help of both technological and societal solutions, while discovering new aspects of sustainability in our region.

A number of invited experts from Lund University, Riga Technical University, SITRA (the Finnish Innovation Fund) and others, will provide lectures and workshops, from which participants can build a solid basis of knowledge.

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