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EduBUP project «Re-thinking of pedagogy for implementing education for sustainable development in the Baltic University Programme countries»

First announcement


Re-thinking of pedagogy for implementing education for sustainable development in the Baltic University Programme countries
The project is being carried out by the Baltic University Programme and SWEDESD at Uppsala University with financial support from the Swedish Institute

Dear BUP colleagues,220px The Baltic University Programme logo

We would like to invite you to participate in the EduBUP project  which is aimed to address university teachers in the Baltic University Programme countries and focused on the personal devlopment of each specific teacher, as well as transformations at university level (on implementing Education for Sustainable Developmetn (ESD) by changing the curriculum and teaching and learning methods).The project will illustrate pedagogical principles and processes that need to be integrated in teaching and learning to achieve ESD learning principles.

The Change project Approachwill be used for the EduBUP project. The approach consists of several phases: Preparatory Phase in which participants develop a pre-course assignment which highlights what needs to be changed;  The First Regional Workshop (Workshop 1) during which the project groups and projects titles are defined; Intermediate  Consolidation Phase when participants work on the projects at their respective universities; and  The Second Regional Workshop(Workshop 2) when the reports on the project progress are to be presented and peer reviewed.

Participants will need to allocate certain time for taking part in two workshops and working with the projects. We estimate that full participation in the course would be equal to 10 working days including workshops 1 and 2. After successful participation in the whole course the certificate confirming participating in 20-day course will be awarded.

Application process:
Application is open to a team of  2 or more persons from the same insitution/ faculty/ etc, not for the individuals because it is important to work in collaboration in order to implement changes. Gaining skills of team building, groups dynamics, improvement skills for cooperation and communication will be added values of participation.The First Regional Workshop (Workshop 1) will be held  28-30 January, Tallinn, Estonia

Good knowledge of English is a requirement
Deadline: 10 December 2018. The application should be sent to :  Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду

Costs: The  participation in the course is free of charge for participants from BUP member universites. BUP covers the costs at place  during 2 workshops (full borad and lodging). Participants are supposed to cover their own travel costs to the place of the workshop.

Project phases and timeline are the following:

1) Preparatory Phase December 2018- January 2019 - preparation of the pre-course assignment
2) The First Regional Workshop (Workshop 1), 28-30 January, Tallinn, Estonia
3) Intermediate Consolidation PhaseFebruary-August 2019 Participants working at their respective universities
4) The Second Regional Workshop (Workshop 2), place and date (preliminary September 2019) to be decided

Application form Edu BUP

Edu BUP information


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